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EP100 Wessex ‘Dolce’ Compensated Euphonium

£1,125.00£1,295.00 incl. VAT

A Fully Compensated Euphonium that Plays as Well as the Best, but at a Fraction of the Price of established Brands

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Product Description


Dolce euphonium


Taking note of customer feedback, we have made the Wessex compensated euphonium even better with new floating off-the-bell leadpipe at more ergonomic angle, added a revolutionary button water key on the 2nd valve slide where most water collects (a facility not on any other brand of euphonium), provided a water gutter to fit under the valves, and even included a better mouthpiece – all with no price increase. Making the Wessex the best value professional compensated euphonium available.  


Bell: 300mm (12″)
Bore: 15mm (0.59″) valves 1-3, 16.8mm (0.66″) 4th valve 
Weight: 4.2kg (9.25 lb)
Gold brass leadpipe
Stainless steel valve with nylon valve guides
Tuning Slides: Nickel (outer&inner)
Supplied with foam case and mouthpiece
Call Jonathan on 07787 504987 or email today with enquiries, or to order.
Floating leadpipe at ergonomic angle

Floating leadpipe at ergonomic angle

Off-the bell leadpipe

Off-the bell leadpipe

2nd valve button water key

2nd valve button water key

Euphonium case

Euphonium lightweight case


Responses to Wessex ‘Dolce’ Compensated Euphonium

Paul Del Bravo says:
4th June 2014

My beautiful new Dolce euphonium arrived today, (in A1 condition, no Customs damage) and it’s absolutely lovely. Everything fits properly, and with a light dose of Blue Juice the valves feel nice already and I’m sure will be great in a week or two.
The sound is smooth and round, but well-defined, and it speaks clearly with no effort at all. I shall really look forward to getting to know it.
The contrast to my Besson student euph (1065) could hardly be more extreme. I had grown accustomed to a free mid-range and stuffy top, slides that either stuck or dropped out, and rough edges all round.
Don’t know why some folks are snobby about Chinese made instruments – this one is a real winner, and well-worth the wait.
Many thanks for a lovely horn at a great price – and the hat was a nice touch too.
Best wishes,
  1. Carl E. says:

    Have had my ‘Dolce’ now for a couple of months. Very happy with it! Very well in tune, easy to play with great sound. The mouthpiece that comes with it is also nice. Lots of instrument for the money!

  2. Ik heb dit instrument kort geleden besteld voor een klant van mij, ze zijn heel erg tevreden vooral klankkleur en bespeelbaarheid zijn voortreffelijk. Zelf heb ik vooral gekeken naar de materialen, solderingen en verzilvering helemaal niets op aan te merken.
    Dank je wel Jonathan

  3. Dave Allan says:

    I have now had my new wessex Euphonium for 5 days, what a cracker! As a pro trombone player I have doubled on Euphonium for the last 35 years and have always played a sovereign, my wessex is every bit as good, very responsive great sound and intonation, Thank you Wessex!

  4. Dave Mildren says:

    I will respond to the previous Wessex Euphonium and the New “DOLCE” Euphonium.

    The new one is so different to hold and a comfortable Lead pipe. The new Mouthpiece plays very well, most people may find it good to blow as the Wick ones are very expensive so most will use this one.

    The new Lead pipe is so much better and gives it a bigger and better sound. The overall construction is better and I am sure the DOLCE will sell like hot cakes, you have a winner here Jonathan.

    It feels like the Besson 968 but much, much better. I can’t put them down.

    The improvement is phenomenal. All the bands I play in have complimented me on the big.big sound and in tune I am. That’s not bad for a 63 going on 64 old man and my disability doesn’t come into it. It took me ages to change over but, it was the best move I have ever made and I can’t thank you enough for supplying me with two fantastic Euphoniums.

  5. Edith Armiger says:


    I am in need of a Euphonium Marching Strap/Sling for the Wessex Euphonium that I bought from you quite recently. Which I am more than happy with. It is superb to say the least. Can you help with the strap/sling or point me in the direction where I can purchase one?

    Yours in anticipation, Edith Armiger

  6. B Brassell says:

    What is the price of the Euphonium lightweight case.


  7. Tony Clack says:

    Thank you Jonathan my Wessex Euphonium arrived safely to my door here in Australia, One hour later I was at band practice, I am amazed the responsive and very smooth valve action and beautifull tone,it certainly outshines my Sovereign or any Euphonium I have played,I am a happy man , All I can say. Is wake up Australia buy a Wessex,.

  8. Robin Kent says:

    I have always played medium bore Besson Imperial and Sovereign instruments. I was worried that I might have trouble filling the instrument but no it’s great and I can really make it “speak” down at the bottom end of the register. The overall build quality and finish is excellent and again the valves are spot on. Why would you want to pay £3000 – £4000 for a Euphonium when you can get this quality at a fraction of the price.

  9. Suzanne Derych from Huddersfield says:

    I am absolutely delighted with my new Wessex euphonium (silver plated). It produces rich, clear tones in all registers and at all levels of dynamic contrast. I play in a wind band and a brass band and the euphonium tunes in very well with other brass and wind instruments, without needing to adjust the tuning slides at all. I am the only euphonium player in the wind band and other musicians have made plenty of positive comments about the quality of sound they can hear coming from the new instrument on the back row! The valves move freely and are very responsive – great for faster sections of music. Finally, the instrument looks fantastic and is finished off well. The case is quite large, but lightweight and protects the instrument very well.
    I have a musical background, but have only been playing the euphonium for two years. Although I have never played a professional euphonium to compare this one with, I am amazed at the quality of sound and the ease of playing which the Wessex euphonium offers, considering the competitive price. It’s so much better than my previous student model.
    Jonathan was very helpful when I telephoned Wessex Tubas for information about the euphonium and he offers an excellent level of service. The instrument was delivered quickly and was packaged up perfectly. The two-week trial gives customers peace of mind when making a purchase, but my mind was made up in less than half an hour!
    Many thanks for the personal service!

  10. Mike Thompson says:

    Got first chance to give it a go last night, very impressed. I have been playing Besson’s for over forty years, have now retired from playing in bands, so wanted my own at home. It is perfect for me, and plays well.

  11. Paul Legenhausen says:

    The horn is wonderful! It plays so nicely, sounds terrific, it’s beautiful, and the intonation is amazing. I’ve had many very good comments on how nice it sounds from the other low brass players, and others, in the community band I play in. I’m the euphonium section and have been for the past 3 years so I know it was me they heard! One of the trombone players also plays euphonium and has a Sterling Virtuoso. He tried out my horn and the first thing he said was that the valves are much better than his Sterling. It really is an amazing horn.

  12. David French, Burnside Brasssays:

    I bought a Wessex Compensating Euphonium and I have to say it is money well spent. I have played with many different bands, including Championship bands and this euphonium is one of the best for warmth of sound and easy playing.

  13. Simon Howell Says: Just wanted to leave a quick review for the Dolce Euphonium.I tested it at Wessex’ showroom and was made to feel very welcome as I ‘test drove’ the showroom Euphonium for about an hour.
    2 days later I purchased one from Wessex (it wasn’t the showroom model – just a random one that I watched them take from their warehouse)
    Having had it now for just over a week, I have now had the opportunity to put it through its paces and have to report back that I absolutely love it.
    The intonation is good and it sounds ‘brighter’ than the band Euphonium that I was playing (the band Euph was top of the range in it’s day: 1982)
    Valves are fast and smooth, slides slide well. Fit and finish is good.
    The case is great and the exterior side pocket is really handy (used to put my music inside the wooden case of the bands instrument….)
    Completely love playing it. The 3 year warranty is just added peace of mind !
    I thoroughly recommend it.
    If you’re looking for a Euph – the Wessex is well worth a look. Drop down to them in Andover and put one through it’s paces. I reckon you will be surprised at how good it is…..


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Here is video by professional euphonium player, John Powell explaining how he plays the Wessex Dolce euphonium spot in tune throughout the range without use of a trigger.

John has also helpfully compiled charts with further explanation

Treble clef

Euphonium Fingering chart - treble clef

Bass clef

Euphonium Fingering chart - bass clef