Previously the choice when buying brass instruments was between quality at a high price, buying a battered old one with worn out valves to save money, or a new poor quality one to get at anything like an affordable price.

NOW with Wessex Tubas you can buy quality and good playing new brass at prices you can afford!

“I am delighted to be playing a Wessex EEb Tuba. I find the response to be excellent and it has superb intonation across the range.”
Ian Foster, Birmingham Freelance Professional Tuba Soloist

Instruments good enough for professionals to use daily, while at a price suitable for a student.  You can buy an instrument which will last you years playing music – at typically a third of the price of leading brands. So save your money and do yourself a big favour – check out Wessex Tubas for brass (all the range of brass) before you buy. You will be delighted with your choice – we guarantee!

You can buy in confidence, as we will give full refund in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied and return within 2 weeks.  Furthermore we offer 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects – which is much more than most leading brands.

All instruments are enhanced over standard factory products to make of a top standard and all are carefully checked before selling. Jonathan Hodgetts, owner of Wessex Tubas is an experienced tuba player and will not sell anything he would not be happy playing himself.

We supply worldwide with exceeding low shipping rates – so get a quote from Wessex, wherever you live. You will no doubt get better product than you can buy locally at anything like similar price.

So before you buy new brass, give Wessex a try – and potentially save yourself a lot of money!
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  1. TREVOR SHAW says:

    Just wanted to say many thanks for your wonderful service, to order a gig bag on wednesday afternoon and receive it on Thursday lunch is excellent service.
    I shall be recommending all our band to call you first for any of their requirements.
    Once again many thanks

  2. This week I had the chance of paying a flying visit to Jonathan Hodgetts of Wessex Tubas.
    In two hours I had the chance to sample an astonishing array of instruments… probably fifty different models on display, from trumpets to tubas.
    Now, a lot has been written on the forum about Chinese brass instruments and I think it makes as much sense as talking about American instruments, lumping Shires and Blessing, Edwards and Elkhart all in one group….
    I have not tried many instruments from China in the past few years, so I really didn’t know what to expect…..
    Well, I was impressed…. impressed way beyond any expectations.
    The first thing to say is that Jonathan has a close relationship with the factory, travelling to China on a regular basis and developing the designs that are under his banner. This has to be the best quality factory in China looking at what comes out of it.
    In general terms, the quality of build of everything I saw was first class… nothing felt cheap, nothing blew cheap….. they are simply priced cheap !!!
    My reason of visiting was to look at a CC tuba for a pupil…. could he get a halfway decent CC tuba for around £2,500 GBP ???
    The Miraphone based CC that I tried represented great value, build and blow as good as instruments costing several times as much… recommended indeed.
    The F contra was thrust into my hands and again, this copy of a famous German model blew very well with excellent tone and more than a hint of it’s origins in the blow.
    The Euphonium, which looked to be based on the Yamaha Maestro model, for me outperformed it’s inspiration…. especially with the pretty gold brass bell that was on that example.I am sorely tempted…. especially at the price.
    Our own forum member Chip Hoehler has been working with Jonathan to develop the trombone range and what is there is very interesting….
    The bass is that often seen copy of the King 7B indi bass… but the Wessex model has the nickel silver slide outers and red brass bell that other importer’s instruments do not. This trombone blew very well indeed…. better than any 7B that I have played !!!!! You really could use it in an orchestra….. far more easily than some other far more expensive makes.
    There is a very good 42B like .547 tenor that really blows, and a .525 that could be a Bach 36B if you closed your eyes.
    Chip has many plans to refine and develop the range, including a .525 slide with the symphony bell which they mocked up for me…. that will be a good horn….
    … and the most fun on my whirlwind tour ?…… the BBb travel tuba !!!! now, I really MUST have one of those…. it’s a real BLAST !!!!!

    Chris Stearn

  3. After buying an Wessex Eb-bass last month, i must say it plays as good as any Eb tubas i have played on during my playing for the last 40 years. I am playing in an championship band in norway, and have mostly been playin on Sovereign tubas for the last 40 years, but the Wessex tuba is as good as any of these, and the price is so much better. I used the tuba in its first contest, wich was Scottish Open 2013 with no problem at so ever.
    I highly recommend this tuba for any band regardless wich level the band is.

    Tom Vevle
    Sola Brassband, Norway.

    • Wessex Tubas says:


      I am delighted you are getting on so well with the Wessex Eb bass. I knew it was good enough for Championship band, but it is great to have that confirmed.

      Best Wishes,

  4. Dave Allan says:

    I have now had my new wessex Euphonium for 5 days, what a cracker! As a pro trombone player I have doubled on Euphonium for the last 35 years and have always played a sovereign, my wessex is every bit as good, very responsive great sound and intonation, Thank you Wessex!

  5. Geoff Baker-Hytch says:

    After returning my loaned Besson Sovereign BB flat to the silver band I’d belonged to for several years, I did lots of research and considered a very expensive contemporary Sovereign, a very old but unused Sovereign, and various ‘budget’ instruments; I finally went to Jonathan to try out Wessex Tubas; he and his wife Mei were most welcoming; I was given plenty of time to try a number of different models of BB flats and EE flats; eventually, with some helpful advice from Jonathan, I settled on a ‘Symphonic’ EE flat in silver/ gold; it is wonderful – looks terrific, gives a lovely warm fat sound when required, but also a very sweet tone for ‘solo’ work. The additional water key is a particularly useful feature; it’s an example of the design modifications which Wessex Tubas are commissioning, helping to make their instruments easier and better to play. Congratulations on your enterprise so far, Jonathan, and all best wishes for continued future success!

  6. Maurice Stribling says:

    Just a quickie to say thanks for repairing my baritone while I waited and especially at no cost . It was very much appreciated.

  7. miguel angel garcia alvarez says:

    The tools are amazing, my students are very happy with the result.
    The euphoniums are of very good quality, nothing to envy of the Yamaha
    Custom euphoniums or Besson Sovereign euphoniums and the trumpet valves has nothing to envy to any other model.
    Thank you very much for the service and hope you continue on this path
    and follow reaping success.
    Greetings from Lanzarote, Canary Islands

  8. Dave Mildren says:

    I have been playing Euphonium now for 56 years now and when I started I was given a school one. If only Wessex were around in 1965 when I went into the Armed Forces. I wish These Euphoniums had been around then I’m sure the army would have used all the Wessex Brass. I have the Lacquer and Silver/Gold Euphoniums and I can’t put them down, they are so responsive and the tone and intonation is spot on. Just remember.
    “Forget the rest, Wessex is Best !!!!!!”

  9. David Leslie says:

    Delighted with my Wessex Tuba. Plays just as well as the 3 times as expensive German instrument i have been playing. The hard carry case is a little bulky, but otherwise i am pleased at last, to own this tuba.
    David Leslie, New Zealand.

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