EEb Compensated Bass Tuba, 19″ bell ‘Champion’ (with marching hooks)

Wessex Champion EEb bass

Wessex Champion EEb bass

Recommended by Ian Foster, Birmingham professional tuba soloist and teacher

Lacquered £2,460
Silver Plated £2,695
Silver/Gold £2,775
(prices include 20% VAT – shipping £60 UK, £150 Europe, £300 Worldwide)

Accessories to buy with tuba  
  • Denis Wick Heritage mouthpiece ONLY £79.50 £70 (you choose size, but 2L recommended)
  • Leather Half cover to protect from button scratches (particularly marching) – £60 £50 
  • Resting stand (reduces chance of damage) – £45 £40
Wessex EEb bass tuba

Wessex EEb bass tuba


  • Fitted with marching hooks and lyre block
  • Bell: 480mm (19″)
  • Bore: 17.5mm (0.69″)
  • Valves: Stainless steel with nylon guides
  • Leadpipe: Gold brass
  • Slides: Nickel-Silver inner and outer
  • Model: WTEB-700
  • Height: 880mm (34.6″)
  • Weight: Tuba 8.6kg, In case 18.8kg
  • Supplied with wheeled case, mouthpiece and marching strap


We are pleased to make available our new Wessex EEb bass tuba WTEB-700 with higher leadpipe angled for optimal comfort and fitted with hooks and lyre block for marching use.
This we believe is as good as any compensated EEb bass available at any price, so contact us today to try, or order!
Call Jonathan on
07787 504987 or email today with enquiries, or to order.





Gold brass leadpipe on Wessex EEb bass

Gold brass leadpipe on Wessex EEb bass

Valve section including compensated loops. Note the pull ring on slide.
Valve section including compensated loops. Note the pull ring on slide.


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4 Responses to EEb Compensated Bass Tuba, 19″ bell ‘Champion’ (with marching hooks)

  1. The EEb Tuba we bought from you is Fantastic . Oscar who is playing on it have always a big smile. He likes it very much. We won the Swedish Champion 1Division. With Asenhoga Brassband

  2. Tom Vevle says:

    After buying an Wessex Eb-bass last month, i must say it plays as good as any Eb tubas i have played on during my playing for the last 40 years. I am playing in an championship band in norway, and have mostly been playin on Sovereign tubas for the last 40 years, but the Wessex tuba is as good as any of these, and the price is so much better. I used the tuba in its first contest, wich was Scottish Open 2013 with no problem at so ever.
    I highly recommend this tuba for any band regardless wich level the band is.

    Tom Vevle
    Sola Brassband, Norway

  3. David Leslie says:

    Delighted with my Wessex Tuba. Plays just as well as the 3 times as expensive German instrument i have been playing. The hard carry case is a little bulky, but otherwise i am pleased at last, to own this tuba.
    David Leslie, New Zealand.

  4. Paul (in Australia) says:

    I recently bought the Wessex EEb Tuba WTEB-700S, I am delighted playing it, it responses well.
    I like the higher lead-pipe which suits me for a tall person.

    I fully recommend this affordable and well built tuba

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