Contrabass trombone in F

Wessex Contrabass trombone in F

Wessex Contrabass trombone in F

The valves on the contrabass trombone
The valves on the contrabass trombone

In plush case
In plush case

At last a contrabass trombone available which is affordable. This contra is well balanced to hold, has a fantastic sound and plays well – good enough that Birmingham Conservatoire have bought one. This is a trombone that every serious bass trombonist should own!

Model: SL-850
Key: F/D/Bb
Bore: 14.9mm
Bell: 271mm
Slide: Cupronickel slide
Foambody case and mouthpiece
Lacquer £2,100
Silver-plated £2,250
complete with special contrabass trombone stand
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2 Responses to Contrabass trombone in F

  1. Gordon Seith says:

    The Wessex Contrabass trombone is one of the best instruments I have had the pleasure of playing recently. Do not be fooled by the extremely reasonable price tag of £2000 as this instrument is more than capable of giving any contrabass on the market today a run for its money.
    From the minute I removed it from the shipping crate it created a fantastic impression as even the case supplied with it screamed quality and though lightweight and compact by contra standards provides more than ample protection for this instrument in everyday use.
    Moving onto the instrument itself it feels fantastically well put together and the finish is superb. Especially on what I believe to be a single piece bell which is something I have not encountered before. There are some very thoughtful ergonomic design additions to this instrument, the first and best being the hand rest and bullet style bracing which take the full weight on the instrument onto a central point and easily allows you to balance the trombone with comfort which is quite a rare thing with the large contrabasses. The addition of the water keys to the valve block has also hugely helped as there is no longer any need to pull slides out to empty water anymore.
    The trombone plays fantastically well and feels very slotted between notes and over all registers. The sound is full of life and though has the ability to cut through anything you wish, if played with consideration has a lovely mellow side and is easy to create a more lyrical style suited to the rare chances of solo contrabass performance.
    As an instrument the Wessex contrabass is fantastic. It is easy to use as a doubling instrument between bass and contrabass as its large valve being in Bb makes it quick to learn the new set of slide positions required to play the instrument.
    If you are looking for a well-made contrabass trombone that will not break the bank and will serve you well for years then the Wessex contrabass is worth a look as in my opinion there are few that meet this level for the money.

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