Eb Bubbie mini tuba

Wessex Bubbie tuba with Eb slide

Wessex Bubbie tuba in lacquer fitted with Eb slide

The Bubbie mini tuba is something really different, a real professional beautifully made real Eb tuba (it comes with slides for both keys) which is only 21″ high (smaller than euphonium), has 9″ bell and weighs under 7 lb.

As the user of such, it is something every dedicated tuba player should have it is so useful and handy! Can be easily taken away with you as travel tuba, nice and light to hold for standing gigs, ideal in brass quintet for baroque music, played as substitute ophicleide or cimbasso in orchestra, used to play Bydlo or the Mahler 1 solo, for solo recitals, or just as a very handy practice tuba where ever you go to keep in optimal playing condition – such as in small apartment, hotel room, office in lunch break, in car while waiting, even on top of mountain out hiking!

Great small light tuba for children to learn to play with the valve levers not too far apart for small hands. Also the kids love it, so no more trouble getting tuba played in junior band.

Comes with mouthpiece and in secure lockable hard case only 65 x 28 x 42cm in size.

Loaded it is only 6.8kg and can be taken as hand luggage on air flights.

This is a very well made quality instrument. It has non-corrosive nickel silver leadpipe and both nickel inner and outer tuning slides for smooth action with gold brass body to give a rich tone.

This Bubbie mini tuba tuba is every bit as good as a branded model costing six times the amount.

Lacquer £1,295

Special practice mute available with tuba for extra £85

Call Today with enquiries, or to Order…

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6 Responses to Eb Bubbie mini tuba

  1. zaco lavigne, concervatoire de musique et d'art dram de montreal says:

    Thank you very much i just received it and it is really genius! I played it for 8h+ a day since ive got it its really a powerfull instrument and i LOVE the resitance it give (im a fan of compact tuba because of this). And for playing modern video game music (bass tuba or contrabass trombone part) it plays perfectly during very brassy pass. It is one of the best product i own. Now i can play anywhere. THANK YOU MERCI ARRIGATO!!!!!!

  2. Roger Cawkwell says:

    I’m impressed by the level of craftsmanship, which I think is improving every year and gradually laying to rest the old opinions about “Chinese Instruments

  3. Jeremiah Chia Luck Koon says:

    A tuba as portable as a trumpet? It is a reality now!

  4. Ray Dickson says:

    Basically it is a very good instrument. I enjoy carrying around less weight and my orchestra players have commented positively… I find that I have an upper body and head freedom which I do not have with my Yamaha, which rests on my lap and the mouthpiece position is determined for me. I find eye communication with the conductor much better with the Bubie. The rotary valves are good to use…

  5. Graham Sibley, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra says:

    An absolute ‘God-send’ on those days on tour when you can’t get to your instrument, and need to practice to keep your chops in! When I practiced in the hotel room with a mute,the violinist next door was louder!!!!

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