Bb/F Wagner Tuba

Lacquer with gold brass bell £750 (incl. 20% VAT)
(10% discount for set of four)
Silver £850

This is a double Wagner tuba to play in Bb or F with gorgeous tone and surprisingly good intonation. Now orchestral horn players can afford to have Wagner tuba of their own.

Players that have used in concert comment that this plays as well as an Alexander.

Key F/Bb
Bore: 11.89mm
Bell: 256mm
Rose brass leadpipe
Reversible 4th valve to play in F or Bb open 
Model FH-760L 
Supplied in lightweight Formbody case with Wessex Wyvern logo
Wessex Wagner Tuba

Wessex Wagner Tuba

Valves on Wagner Tuba showing reversible 4th
Valves on Wagner Tuba showing reversible 4th

Special Wessex case for Wagner tuben

Special Wessex case for Wagner tuben

Wessex case for Wagner Tuben
Wessex case for Wagner Tuben


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One Response to Bb/F Wagner Tuba

  1. Nigel Braithwaite says:

    I ordered my Wagner Tuba on Thursday last week, it came on Monday! I’m delighted by the customer service and the instrument itself. I’ve played extremely expensive Wagner tuben in the past (catastraphones as they are sometimes lovingly referred to by other, jealous, musicians) – this one plays at least as well as the hyper expensive ones. I’m very pleased with it

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