C/Bb tenor tuba “Bydlo”

Tenor Tuba in C and Bb

Tenor Tuba in C and Bb

Pitched the same as a French C tuba with one tuning slide, or Bb euphonium with the other, with fairly large bore to project and taking small shank tuba mouthpiece, or bass trombone mouthpiece this is an instrument no orchestral tuba player should be without!

The perfect tuba to play Bydlo, Symphonie Fantastique, the Bear solo in Petrushka.

Also great for band players to cover euphonium part, or as smallish practice tuba for travelling, although still much bigger than the Bubbie tuba.

Bore 15mm (0.59″)
Bell 295 mm (12″)
Height 612mm (24″)
Gold brass leadpipe
Supplied with both C and Bb exchangeable main tuning slides
Foam case.
Lacquer £795
Silver £895 
Silver/gold £995
Back side of the tenor tuba

Back side of the tenor tub

Size comparison of tenor tuba against euphonium
Size comparison of tenor tuba against euphonium

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4 Responses to C/Bb tenor tuba “Bydlo”

  1. Christian ROCHARD says:

    After a few months of practice, I think it’s a very interesting instrument… In C.
    The Bb slide is a real disaster

  2. Jim Stone. says:

    Happy New Year Jonathan and Mei.
    I’m still having fun playing my Bydlo as much as I had when it first arrived. My previous post mentioned care with tuning and in particular with the first valve but the fourth valve seems to get over the problem as long as I remember to use it for middle D. The finish and lacquer is still pristine and all joints are well soldered with no sign of leaks and this is after some two years of use.
    This model can be particularly useful to the Folk Scene performers with it being light in weight and easily portable and I give it a plug every time there’s a folk-meet in the area.
    The only slight niggle is the siting of the lower strap loop which tends to dig into the midriff when seated. Not a problem as I removed it without spoiling the appearance of the bell section. Best wishes and every success. Jim

  3. Jim Stone says:

    Delighted with the instrument and your prompt attention. (ordered midday Tuesday, delivered in pristine condition on Thursday).

    Not expecting great things in comparison with my previous Sovereign Euphonium I am pleased to report that the overall finish and workmanship is second to none and the brass lacquer effect is much better than your website photo depicts. I am an experienced Euphonium player of some 65 years of banding at all levels and have at last stepped down (gracefully I hope) to leave the job to somebody else.

    The instrument is a delight to play and is so easy blowing. Watch your tuning as its not compensated, but any experienced player will cope very well. Nice to have the choice of C/Bb. Also case is good and the straps, one of which is useful in holding the instrument in the correct playing position should the leadpipe be unsuitably positioned.

    Thank you Jonathan. I will enjoy my Tenor Tuba

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