Rudolf Meinl tubas

Rudolf Meinl

You are looking for a tuba with great purity of tone,
richness of sound and resonance in all registers,
combined with exact intonation?
The master-instruments of Rudolf Meinl meet these
demands – and more:
Hand-crafted to well tried Graslitz patterns using high:
quality materials – brass, nickel silver, gold brass -,
tubas by Rudolf Meinl are ligtweight, elegant, long-
lived and reliable.
Their precisely responding mechanism moves easily
and silently; the enlarged air passage of the valves
ensures precise pitch and response and a large
volume of sound. Well tried plastics are used for the ball
joints and their heads; special, self-developed
machines for the manufacture of the valves and bells
ensure the constant high quality of our instruments.
Our comprehensive program of models is supple-
mented by a reliable service:
Spare parts can be supplied even after many years;
special models are made to your specifications;
any repairs are carried out expertly.
Tubas by Rudolf Meinl are valuable and elegant
instruments, of sound quality and excellent musical
The experience gathered over many years by the
Rudolf Meinl family, backed by that of several genera-
tions, benefits the making of every single instrument.
Available to order on payment of 50% deposit
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