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FH250 Bb/F Wagner Tuba

£750.00£2,700.00 incl. VAT

This is a double Wagner tuba to play in Bb or F with gorgeous tone and surprisingly good intonation ideal for playing Wagner, Bruckner, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky and more…

Now orchestral horn players can afford to have Wagner tuba of their own!

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Product Description


Key F/Bb
Bore: 11.89mm
Gold Brass bell and body
Bell: 256mm
Rose brass leadpipe
Reversible 4th valve to play in F or Bb open
Fitted with water keys
Supplied in lightweight Formbody case with Wessex Wyvern logo

Product Enquiry

Nigel Braithwaite says:
I ordered my Wagner Tuba on Thursday last week, it came on Monday! I’m delighted by the customer service and the instrument itself. I’ve played extremely expensive Wagner tuben in the past (catastraphones as they are sometimes lovingly referred to by other, jealous, musicians) – this one plays at least as well as the hyper expensive ones. I’m very pleased with it

David Steinman says:
This is a beautiful horn with a haunting tone. It is easy to play. I was concerned that rotary valves would be difficult to maintain, but they are not. Wessex gave me excellent advice about oil and maintenance. I was also concerned about the quality of the instrument, but it is excellent. Wessex is now my first source for instruments, both for myself and my grandchildren. I have also recommended them to my students. The quality of the instruments and the customer service are wonderful. I have several instruments, from a 1956 Martin Committee Model trumpet through an Olds valve trombone, a Kanstul “flugelbone” and a fiscorn, among others. This instrument’s quality compares favorably with all of them. I plan to buy more instruments from Wessex in the future.

Kevin Owen says:
Wanted to let you know the Wagner tubas all arrived in perfect condition, and much faster than I expected. You guys are really on to something here. I have played Wagner tuba with the Boston Symphony, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Syracuse Symphony, and many local orchestras here in Boston. I’ve played Mirafone and Alexander and Kruspe and Uhlmann, and these ones you sent me are the best…and not just by a little margin, by a great deal. I’m still a bit blown away by how good they are and how astoundingly cheap they are..