F Cimbasso

Cimbasso in F

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The correct instrument for Verdi and other Italian music!

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Product Description

The cimbasso was originally an Italian instrument specified by Verdi and other Italian opera composers to be used as the bass voice for the brass in the orchestra instead of a tuba.  It is also used in Italian bands and is becoming increasingly popular to play film music in the recording studio, for jazz and wherever a different voice would be effective.

The cimbasso has a big trombone like sound which makes it blend well with the trombone section, rather than standing out as an individual voice like the tuba.  It is played with tuba size mouthpiece and is distinct from contrabass trombone in having valves, rather than slide.

The Wessex cimbasso listed here is in F, the same pitch as F tuba, with 5 rotary valves and 1st valve trigger. It is based on German design, but has improvements including extra bracing to make stronger in use.

This cimbasso plays superb, being easy blowing, having characteristic tone and good tuning. It is also incredible fun to play, by tuba, or trombone player.

Despite the incredible low price for this sort of instrument, the Wessex cimbasso is of high quality and feedback from professionals is that it plays just as well as the most expensive cimbasso available.

It is supplied with foambody case strong enough for flying, fitted with wheels – and with suitable shallow cup tuba mouthpiece.

Available in raw brass, lacquered yellow brass, with rose brass bell, or silver-plated finish.

After playing this cimbasso for Italian music, no use of tuba will sound right – it just makes the music complete as the composer intended

It works great to provide tonal variation in a recital and played softly without attack is good substitute for muted tuba (with much better tone).

This is an instrument, any serious orchestral tuba player will want to add to their collection.

Bore: 0.725″ (18.5mm)
Bell: 10¾” (270mm)
5 rotary valves with tuning trigger
Nickel leadpipe
Nickel inner and outer tuning slides
Engraved valve caps
Detachable bell section
Supplied with hard wheeled case and special Wessex Cimbasso mouthpiece
Weight of Cimbasso: 9¼ lb (4.2kg)
Weight in case: 39¼ lb (17.8kg)
Case size: 104x35x36cm

F cimbasso



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Engraving on cimbasso

Cimbasso case

Cimbasso case

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