CC 4/4 rotary tuba “Mahler”

Wessex rotary CC tuba

Wessex rotary CC tuba

Based on the design of a German classic, this is an excellent 5-valve professional CC tuba which is gaining increasing use by professionals. Great for orchestral playing, or putting a real foundation under a wind band, many buyers think it is even better than the German original.

Bell: 450mm (17.6″)
Bore: 19.5mm (0.77″)
Height: 1000mm (39.4″)
Nickel inner and outer tuning slides
Comes with foam case with wheels and mouthpiece
Model: CB-410 

In 2013 a blind test was conducted in US University comparing the Wessex CC to to Miraphone on which it is based. You can read the results here Dudley – MM Tuba Test Project

Feedback in performance

I have received universal good feedback from conductors playing this CC including compliments on its tone, spot on intonation and its presence in the orchestra without overpowering. For myself behind the bell, this tuba is a real pleasure to play. It is quite the equal of German made CC costing three times and more the price.

Lacquer with Gold brass bell £2,340
Silver £2,550

The reliable rotary valves of the CC

The reliable rotary valves of the CC

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2 Responses to CC 4/4 rotary tuba “Mahler”

  1. Kevin Bird says:

    Just thought I would write to let you know that I’m now using the Wessex CC Tuba with the National Symphony Orchestra here in the United Arab Emirates. A beautiful rich tone with the versatility of the EEb. A most enjoyable blow.

  2. Graham Sibley, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra says:

    Like many,I was sceptical about the Wessex 4/4 CC until one of my students brought one to a lesson for appraisal-I wasn’t for long. He played it,I tried it, and I immediately told him to buy it!! In fact I was impressed enough, to recommended that the Birmingham Conservatoire buy one as the college CC soon after-which they have now done. These tubas represent outstanding value for money. They are very well in tune with themselves, and generally stand favorable comparison with instruments much more expensive. If you are looking for a CC and you are on a budget, the Wessex is seriously worth considering.

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