BBb Lightweight rotary tuba “Mosel”

Wessex lightweight BBb rotary tuba

Wessex lightweight BBb rotary tuba

Back side of lightweight BBb

In foam case
Lightweight BBb in supplied foam case

Playing exceedingly well in tune, this lightweight rotary BBb is ideal for standing gigs, for BBb player wanted more compact sound for small ensemble, or wants something lighter to carry – it being lighter than a Eb tuba.

Bore: 16mm
Bell: 380mm
Height 896mm
Weight: 7.5kg
Supplied in Foambody case
Lacquer £1,295
Silver-plated £1,675
(incl. VAT)
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4 Responses to BBb Lightweight rotary tuba “Mosel”

  1. Adrian Rosenlund says:

    I’m a drummer in a Swedish National Guard band, and i wanted a change, fell in love with tubas and bought the Mosel because i wanted a good beginner’s instrument at a reasonable price. Although it’s always risky ordering an instrument by post without having tried it first, i wasn’t disappointed. It easily carries 1st Bass parts, even in my inexperienced hands. I think a more seasoned player could make very good use of it. I love my Mosel! It sounds good, having a good range, the build quality is excellent, especially considering how inexpensive it was, and it will last me beyond my being a learner.

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