Bass Saxophone

Wessex Bass Saxophone

Wessex Bass Saxophone



Consider by some to be one of the best bass saxophone made in China, these are building up an increasing good reputation. Although mainly a brass stockist, these are available to order from Wessex Tubas to provide a good quality bass saxophones at reasonable price.

Key Bb
Range: Low Bb to High F#

Chris Peryagh tries the Wessex bass saxophone

Chris Peryagh tries the Wessex bass saxophone

Chris Peryagh tries the Wessex bass saxophone
“I play tested a JinBao bass yesterday (SA80II copy) and was absolutely gobsmacked by it! I regret buying the Conn/Buescher style Chinese bass now as the Selmer copy is head and shoulders above it in every single respect. Much easier to play, better ergonomics, better tuning, more even tone, better construction and finishing. Overall a better instrument. There were some minor things that can be picked up on or overlooked depending how fussy you are (and I’ve made a couple of suggestions to getting them changed or omitted), but generaly they have done an excellent job and this Selmer style bass should be the one to go for if you’re looking for a good workable and modern style bass without spending in excess of £15k.”
bass saxophone bass saxophone


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One Response to Bass Saxophone

  1. Graham Rideal says:

    Thanks for the sax sent so promptly (received yesterday). What a fantastic instrument! Excellent tone, articulation tight and keys positionally perfect for me. I’ve already played a few songs but keep trying to pitch an octave higher because I can’t believe how low it plays!

    Wishing you every success with your business.

    From one very satisfied customer.


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